Minggu, 07 Oktober 2007


and sometimes i do cry in my sleep
cus i just cant cry in real life
cus i just thought real life sometimes aint real enough


scratch that

i dont cry

even in my sleep

this blog is so cheesy

Sabtu, 06 Oktober 2007


do you ever feel like you're alone?
And do you ever wish you'd be unknown?

I could say that I have..

And do you ever feel things here aren't right?
And do you ever feel the time slip by?

I can say that I have..

do you ever lay awake at night?
And do you ever tell yourself don't try?

Don't try to let yourself down

do you ever see yourself in love?
And do you ever take a chance?

Because you know that I will..


Stepping off the ledge
She looks at me and says
"Hey Dochi can I spend the night
And wake up in your eyes"

"Of course you can", timidly answered,
But beware I can't promise much
Not at this time in my life

Watching trees change
Just like your ways
You're in my arms for the last time
Pressed together
My heart's weathered
Now we will see each other for the last time

I build you up and break myself down
How can I sit there while some clown
Namely me
Sets you up for a loss

First of all I'm insecure
And number two I can't be there for you
Not at this time in my life

How can I hear your call in this windy night