Rabu, 16 April 2008

the end of an era

days ago, i thought i have found atlantis under the sea.. i thought my adventure to the deepest ocean of this so called love life was getting somewhere.. i saw something majestic, something bright at the end of the darkest tunnel..

"is this it? is this atlantis?"

a great city that i've built once and time lost it, atlantis is a metraphore for something great; my love, my pride, my victory, my glory, my dreams, my joy, my purpose, my last destination

there were so many choices, but i made my decision

"this should be atlantis.. no more looking, dochi.. this should be it." i said to myself

i have to make my decision.

her. i chose her over the others, she has won this heart. this mind. she has to be it. has to be.

i ignored her too long until she finally caught my attention.

from the midnite talks to the time that leads to her very first kiss.


i guess it wasnt the wisest decision, but i surely had a good time, and i bet she had one too with me.

"no, this isn't atlantis" i said to myself.

she built a city in my ruin just to watch it burn and see if i could escape.

na-ah.. scratch that, i dont blame her for anything.

maybe this is atlantis, but it wasnt ready to be found yet.

so i left a note written on paper and marker, not pencil, that says,

"i will be back when the time is right, i will fix you, i will build you, i will take care of you, i will make you stronger, and i will make sure you'll never be lost again, ever"

bye atlantis..

it's the end of an era and a start for everything

now i understand something that i didnt understand before..

that all these times,

red is covering atlantis

it was there all along.

take notes that even i wont say again the words "i love you" ever again, i will always still do

have a good one,

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