Minggu, 22 Maret 2009

it's the game of guessing, and i think i'm losing.

i woke up with soaky wet eyes
i guess i cried on my sleep
but more like drowning to me
i guess i woke up too early
i guess i fell asleep too late
i guess i didnt get enough sleep
i guess when i woke up, i noticed that youre no longer there

not even here
like the presence of your essence of existence
the juice of every ion of your resemblance
the shade of you standing in distance watching every step to meet you there

a sanctuary
a place where i feel safe
a place where i can always be myself
a place where i dont need another fight

i guess there's no more fight to get this right
well what's there left to fight?

you cried.
i cried.
and then we laughed.
but then we cried again.
we cried because we're happy but drowned by the toughts that we're not meant to be.

i gave you love
u gave me motivation
u loved me back
and gave me direction.

where to?

i guess,
i'm just wrong

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12 komentar:

Nur Zaman mengatakan...

is that your girlfriend??
I like your music badly....
good job buddy!!!
keep it up ;)

Nana Delonge mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
azkashabrinna mengatakan...

who's that soaked-eye girl? she looks terribly upset..
by the way, you clearly have talents of producing words :)

Alanda mengatakan...

kenapa sama zaffy? hehehe berasa kenal bgt ye gw, liat di facebook dits

frvr th sckst kd mengatakan...

i was the one who woke up with soaky wet eyes, the picture was taken when we talked about.. you know.. relationship thingy.. if you read the whole story u might know what the problem was

Cassey mengatakan...

anak orang dibikin nangis ck ck

sleepyheaded nindya mengatakan...

you two guys most be really close to each other until you guys could felt the same way. until cry together and laughed together and then cry again.. btw.. bener kata kak casey.. ck ck ck anak orang kok dinangisin . hehehe.. piss :)

Rauda Alessa 'Echa' Hendarman scream : mengatakan...

hmmm ,, i still don't understand

rizky maretha mengatakan...

well this is a song lyric? if it's not. you are so genius.

love is so complicated!

dellayamarno otlivio mengatakan...

Hahahaha . Bule posting .

Ngomong apa tuh . .

Katro saya.

mr dandiy show mengatakan...

nice words
it make your girl cry

valesia ananta mengatakan...

yah knp tuh ? nangis , ketawa lg , nangis lg .
bingung saya . haha :D
bagus tpnya . pengolahan kata yg baik . tar klo udh diolah trs diproduksi , abis itu dijual terpisah ya kachod !