Kamis, 04 Juni 2009


so folks, today's entry is about the place where i spend most of my times chillin'..
if you guys (and GIRLSS) got nowhere to go, or you find yourself here in my side of town, you can always crash to this spot here.. i'll put out the address at the bottom of this entry, in the meantime, seat back and enjoy these series of photographs i took.

this is how jl.mendawai I no 39 looks like in the afternoon

a closer look of the banner.

the night life

it's already closing time at gazelle. agith and ali gangster are doing their stuff.

now let's take a tour of my office, pee wee gaskins HQ.

as you can see, the boys are chilling in the lounge.. that's what we always do.

we call this the rest area.

this is the view from where we sleep.

entertainment center.

extra bed, anyone?

where's dochi?

trust me, it's cozier than it looks.

this guy just had a long day.

main transportation.

some of our dvd collection haha.

this is how it looks like when the tv is on. so the tv is not just a decoration, it really works.

decoration. we're still lack of it, since we just moved here.

"dressing room" haha.

the backside of the office.

storage room.

some of our stuff.


me and the boys.

still in the storage room. sansan is up to something.

haha.. this one's a laugh.. tlor wrote that

well.. that's about it.. come over sometimes!

management, office, and chillspot.
jl.mendawai I no 39
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Rabu, 03 Juni 2009

love issue

what is it with people who misinterpreted my kindness to certain people?
when i'm close with someone and like to hangout with a person that doesn't mean i'm attracted, it's because i love to hang out.
it doesn't have to mean i want her to be my girlfriend but i just love to hangout.
i mean cmon man.
we all can make friends.
don't feel like you own me.
i'm really tired of drama as of now, i just wanna lay back a bit for this love stuff, well if its up to me, i don't want love, i just wanna have flings cus it's easier to handle, but no its not up to me, i know how to handle with feelings.
well i guess things like that is hard to find in this crappy town, you know, just having fun with the right fun people. we kinda lack of fun people to hang out with these days, and by people i mean people from different gender.
cus you know, misery loves company, and some things just stressed me out, got me bored, so yeah, i love the company. scratch that, i appreciate the company. but without being misinterpreted.
so please don't get me wrong.
hey it's my advantage being single, i choose.
and it's your choice too,
but let's just let aside of those things, i just wanna lay back.

a good friend of mine said to me just the other night,

"deket sama cewe ga salah ko asal lo blm terikat pacaran. tp gimana cara lo deket sm mereka yang harus hati2, karena takutnya dianggep beda sama yg lo maksud. ga semua cewe itu bisa dianggap santai buat berteman dulu, dan ga semua juga ngerti kalo suatu saat lo menemukan yang lebih baik dari mereka. lo deketin beberapa cewe juga ga salah, lo kan blm punya pacar, dan diperjalanan lo untuk mencari yang terbaik lo pasti butuh beberapa pertimbangan. tapi masalahnya beberapa dari mereka salah artiin."

sadega likes this.
I will keep that in mind.
all I can say is a friend like her is pretty hard to find. Hey, thanks for stood up for me the other night when your friends was saying stuff about me. Hi 5!

So, you blokes wanna hang out?
I'm still looking for a partner in crime.
Jakarta is a big playground.

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