Jeff Bebe: Some people have a hard time explaining rock 'n' roll. I don't think anyone can really explain rock 'n' roll. Maybe Pete Townshend, but that's okay. Rock 'n' roll is a lifestyle and a way of thinking... and it's not about money and popularity. Although, some money would be nice. But it's a voice that says, "Here I am... and fuck you if you can't understand me." And one of these people is gonna save the world. And that means that rock 'n' roll can save the world... all of us together. And the chicks are great. But what it all comes down to is that thing. The indefinable thing when people catch something in your music.

Lester Bangs: Aw, man. You made friends with them. See, friendship is the booze they feed you. They want you to get drunk on feeling like you belong.
William Miller: Well, it was fun.
Lester Bangs: They make you feel cool. And hey. I met you. You are not cool.
William Miller: I know. Even when I thought I was, I knew I wasn't.
Lester Bangs: That's because we're uncool. And while women will always be a problem for us, most of the great art in the world is about that very same problem. Good-looking people don't have any spine. Their art never lasts. They get the girls, but we're smarter.
William Miller: I can really see that now.
Lester Bangs: Yeah, great art is about conflict and pain and guilt and longing and love disguised as sex, and sex disguised as love... and let's face it, you got a big head start.
William Miller: I'm glad you were home.
Lester Bangs: I'm always home. I'm uncool.
William Miller: Me too!
Lester Bangs: The only true currency in this bankrupt world if what we share with someone else when we're uncool.
William Miller: I feel better.
Lester Bangs: My advice to you. I know you think those guys are your friends. You wanna be a true friend to them? Be honest, and unmerciful.

William Miller: Do you have to be depressed to write a sad song? Do you have to be in love to write a love song? Is a song better when it really happened to you?

Anita Miller: FECK YOU!
Elaine Miller: HEY!
Anita Miller: This is a house of lies!
Elaine Miller: Well there it is, your sister used the "F" word.
Young William: I think she said "feck."
Elaine Miller: What's the difference?
Young William: The letter "u."

Elaine Miller: Look at this: an entire generation of Cinderellas and there's no glass slipper.

almost famous

is it saturday today? feels just like any other day.. sister is sleeping in mom's room, lil bro's watching nickelodeon, and i havent take a shower. it's fasting month, avoid all sorts of bad thoughts and acts! do good deeds.. been on the silver screen lately, doin tv promos.. lipsync, minus one, live, interviews, i guess this is how the so called industry looks like, feels like. i'm opening opportunities to bands that sounds alike and look alike mine to get the same shot that we are having, proving the big guys who sits behind desk of a tv station office to make them realize that there are lotsa bands here in indonesia that sounds better for the love of our nation's youth. they need role models to keep them going and get what they want to be, eventhough we realize the music we're playing is not from our own culture but still we want to keep giving positive vibes and positive messages. rock n roll is not tattoos, skinny jeans, leather jackets, or a bottle of jack daniels.. it's about being true and dare to be different and got the balls the attitude to keep struggling and moving. and by the end of the day, people will love and hate what you do, i'm doing this for me and the boys. no quitting on this.

by the way. i've looked everywhere for this glasses. cant remember where i last put it. have you seen my glasses?

for the sake of saturday's best

by the end of a crowded day, after having too much fun, i always feel sorry and lonely. yes, time surely fly fast.

is it me being small or is it the universe got so big?

if you're my one-night-stand, then why are we still standing here?

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these were taken during the making of "dibalik hari esok" video @ kota tua.

on national tv soon!

behind the scene.. dibalik hari esok

another reason to keep me moving on

these shots was taken from makassar and surabaya, 17-20 agustus 2009

fell asleep in makassar, woke up in surabaya