Haha that's a good line to start telling my children a story. Would make a hillarious tv series also. So anyway, since I can't seem to shut my eyes to dream, I might as well look back 5-6 years ago. What happened back then?

Back then I was still doing guitar sessions for Sherina. One day we had this job, we were playing for Gadsam's event in La Piazza and that was the first time I got introduced with this girl whom I will be spending most of my time with, 5 years ahead. She was the MC of the event, a friend of mine introduced her to me and then we spent a quick coffee break before the show. It was just a brief conversation, I totally forgot what we were talking about. I've seen her before. I often seen her on gigs which I played with my former band The Side Project. I remember finding her MySpace page and noticed that she was dating a friend of mine who happens to be a skateboarder. Words on the streets was they were both crazy in love (in a monkeylove kind of way) which is cute. She put a picture of a skateboard for her profile picture on MySpace. So yeah. 18th of May 2007. That was the exact date when we got officially introduced and had a proper conversation.

Haven't seen her again until a year or two. We met again in another Gadsam event, my former crush (we didnt make it official) asked me to go with her for Queen Bee's movie premiere which was held on FX. It was kinda awkward because i used to be closed with 5 or 6 girls in that room. Then I met her again at the back near the pudding and cake stall, i remember she asked "yang mana lagi nih?" and I said "ngumpul semua nih disini" and then she moved up front as I went outside and bailed. 5th of June 2009.

I never paid serious attention, knowing that she and I will never possibly be, in logic sense kind of way. She's the kind of girl I never think for a second will be spending time with me more than 10 minutes without throwing ridiculous excuses to go some place else, and likewise, I know she was thinking the same. I never tried to make conversations worthwhile.

Our third encounter was on 14th of August 2009. SCTV Awards. I went there to meet a friend of mine Olivia J. I stumbled upon a friend of mine, Derby, he was dating her back then. Another short non-impressing conversation adjourn.

The only existance of her around that state of time was her name always pops in Derby's bbm status, we never met nor talked until the next 2 years.

Beer Garden Kemang, 14th of April 2011.
I was still in no shape to like, let alone love, (recent girlfriend ditched me cause she was leaving to London) my friend Dimas Brodjo and I were chilling drinkin pints of malts then I thought i saw her, but I wasn't sure it was her, so after we left the scene I tweeted saying that i think saw her in BGK, then she said it's impossible cause she's still working on cam that time. We replied each other's tweets until eventually I asked for her pin and she gave me hers through DM.

We talked.
about whatnots, ideas, theories, random stuff. We just can't stop talking. She laughed at my jokes. She listened to my stories whether it was interesting or not. Likewise.

One day I decided to storm the place where she works. Which by coincidence located near my parents' house in Cinere. And on that Cinta Fitri's set, was the first time I've ever seen her again from years. And for the first time I heard her quirky dorky laugh right in front of my eyes and ears. Kinda reminded me of how Dolphins make their sound. hehe.

We bbmed like we never ran out of topics to talk about, occasionally talked on the phone, I went to her set often also, spending time watching DVDs in my car while waiting for her scenes to be taken. Until I realized it was just too fast and I should back off a bit because I didn't want to lose her. I enjoy the company. I enjoy her existance. So with my best friend's advice I planned on talking to her about how I wanted to take things slow, so i drove her home all the way from Cinere to Kramat. We talked all the way. Just in time I wanted to spit the words out of my mouth she said "promise me one thing", I said "what?" she said "i'm asking you not to like me, not to have a crush on me" in short, she's asking me to back off, she said she doesn't want me to fall alone so she gives me parachute. I said, "no. you can't make me promise such things. My feeling is my business, whether you like it or not I will stay true to every feeling my heart tells me to feel. I'm not saying that I do like you, but in time, if I ever fall in love with you, I will not hold back any of that feeling, I won't say the opposite just to be close with you like most of guys would say 'of course, I just wanna be friends with you' after a girl rejects, I don't care about how your feelings towards me, I wont ask you to love me back, but if in time I do love you, then let the feeling be real and let me say to you what I feel". After that long night, we still spend time together like Jack and Sally, like Bonnie And Clyde, like Patrick and Spongebob. And of course I stayed true, just like I said I would.

And just like I said I would, I fell for her. Reaaallll deep. I fell in love real good. Like there was nothing that i wanted more than I want to spend my time with her.

Time after time, I began to tear down her walls, one brick at a time. She lets me in. Until eventually she felt the same.

Now, 5 years after the quick coffee break, nothing ever really excites me more than all the time well spent with you. With the ring on your finger I humbly ask you to let me be the first and last person who will stand beside you through anything. To everything. I love you Dinda Kanyadewi.

How I Met Your Mother.

That's my sister in front of my work space, probably Skype-ing. She goes here often and make a mess minutes before leaving.
 Shoes corner. Mostly Vans.
That's the spot where I sleep at night or daydream. That's where the magic happens. (i always wanted to say that. haha)
Hats, dirty clothes, novelties, they all go here.
 My recent painting. The Sea Monster.
Moon lamp, my girlfriend's pad, and my bestfriend's undies on the wall. Let me tell you a story about the pad. So one day a friend of mine gave me dodol, i thought it was an ordinary dodol, turns out it was a magic mushroom dodol. So there i was on a shroom trip and i called my girlfriend all giggly, and then i put a plush inside my shirt so my tummy looked like i'm pregnant, and then i took picture of it and sent it to my girlfriend and i said "i have good news for you" and she said "what?" i said "look at the picture i'm sending you" then she was like "huh?" and i said "AKU HAMIL" haha.. it was hillarious. So the next day she wrote that on her pad and put it right there on my wall.
Trainspotting is one of my favorite movies of all time. Got that Semar Wayang from my girlfriend, she bought that from Ancol. That's where i hang my bags. I don't really fancy the look of my door.  Looks pretty damn old!

 One of my favorite things on my room is this parking mirror.
This is where i do most of my works. That's my journal on the shelf. That's a really nice picture, you say?

A Tour Inside My Room