Kamis, 14 Agustus 2008

fight for your dearest ones

the world may have turned against you

the world may have said something bad about you

maybe you've done something bad

maybe you've been bad

you just keep goin, alright?

because not everything you do in this world is right to others










because it might turns out the best to others

because everything happens for a reason

and you are here for a reason

and you're reading this for a reason


make a move

go on and make a difference

you'll never know until you lost you're chances

and as for me,

i never regret all the things that i've done

i only regret things that i didn't do

because i try to do it all.

have you done something to your life today?

Selasa, 12 Agustus 2008

sometimes sunrises are better then sunsets

these past two days.. i hardly feel a thing.. iono whatsupwiththat.. i cant feel my feet touching the ground, my heart is thumping like a mad horse, i cant even catch up my own beat.. the end is coming, maybe this is a death note.
well, i guess, in the end, we all starts thinkin about the beginning.. it's been great knowing you all, enough despise

"the end of the world is coming
and im going to have unfinished business.

if today be the day that i die,
then tomorrow is just another day i will never see"

scratch that.

why am i so dark? when there's light shining all over me, rays that she reflected from the very first time i laid my eyes on her fireflamed eyes.


is there anyone there?


is it just me for being small or the universe got so big?