Selasa, 03 Agustus 2010


The girl
"You're prolly getting ready, hahaha I can imagine you fussing around in your room. Hahaha and your fat belly :( I miss you like a lot, I miss watching movies in ur room and not watching it. :( I miss our midnight calls sampe sampe harus xl yang matiin hahaha.. I miss your random pick up lines.. I miss your hair, yeah I do ur soft hair :'( I miss leaning on ur shoulders, I miss the way our hands would touch.. Its only been three days, but :( I miss ur lame jokes, corny pick up lines and how u would 'bullshit' a lot like a lot."

The boy
"At first it was only physical attraction, and then you let me get to know you more, and then your sense of style fits mine, you listen to the music I listen to, and the french fry thingy that was just too sweet.. You let me touched you, our hearts touched, we exchanged body heat, and then came love, and I knew it since then I would never let go, and for all of this, I will wait for you"

i see the sky is bright when i see you
then it turned to grey and somehow i'm addicted to you
i can't control my mind and my emotion

now you're gone this emptiness inside is too deep for me
and i admit that i'm addicted to you
i need you in my life so why can't we be?

why can't we figure out 'bout something i feel empty
i shouldn't have let me drown to deep
and tell me can i reach the bottom so i'll be reaching out through burst
and i'll fly, so high.

3 komentar:

ciptanirmala mengatakan...

keyenz banget negh!!! kak dochin juga visit blogku yax... ada puisi nd prosa tapi pake bahasa indonesia, hehe... kak kapan peskin ke bali lagi? aku hima, party dorks dari bali negh...he...

ire mengatakan...

hahah french fries...

hanny arianty gultom mengatakan...

sweet line.. best wishes for both..