Kamis, 23 September 2010

intimate session with Forrest Kline

@pwgdochi: don’t forget to snickle that thing inside your pocket, mr.kline @itshellogoodbye

@itshellogoodbye haha snickle it?? @pwgdochi

@pwdochi: it’s a very intimate record mr.kline, you gotta snickle with it @itshellogoodbye

ps: snickle: To engage in sexual intercouse with a person who you are not romantically involved with in order to add to your total number of sexual partners.

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Other Side mengatakan...

i wanna ask you some questions...

how can you made so many great songs ?
i've made some, and the genre is progressive punk, almost the same genre with pee wee gaskins, but why from 9 until 10 songs that i've made, only 6 or 7 songs feels good ? how can you made your all songs great to listen like that ?

i really need your help, and im your fans by the way :D