re-rediscovering atlantis

I measure the odds, you do the math

three is the new couple

a minor brain damage, a major pain in the ass

Kill The Drama

a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do

orange skyline

i woke up in a car

days ago, i thought i have found atlantis under the sea.. i thought my adventure to the deepest ocean of this so called love life was getting somewhere.. i saw something majestic, something bright at the end of the darkest tunnel..

"is this it? is this atlantis?"

a great city that i've built once and time lost it, atlantis is a metraphore for something great; my love, my pride, my victory, my glory, my dreams, my joy, my purpose, my last destination

there were so many choices, but i made my decision

"this should be atlantis.. no more looking, dochi.. this should be it." i said to myself

i have to make my decision.

her. i chose her over the others, she has won this heart. this mind. she has to be it. has to be.

i ignored her too long until she finally caught my attention.

from the midnite talks to the time that leads to her very first kiss.


i guess it wasnt the wisest decision, but i surely had a good time, and i bet she had one too with me.

"no, this isn't atlantis" i said to myself.

she built a city in my ruin just to watch it burn and see if i could escape.

na-ah.. scratch that, i dont blame her for anything.

maybe this is atlantis, but it wasnt ready to be found yet.

so i left a note written on paper and marker, not pencil, that says,

"i will be back when the time is right, i will fix you, i will build you, i will take care of you, i will make you stronger, and i will make sure you'll never be lost again, ever"

bye atlantis..

it's the end of an era and a start for everything

now i understand something that i didnt understand before..

that all these times,

red is covering atlantis

it was there all along.

take notes that even i wont say again the words "i love you" ever again, i will always still do

have a good one,

the end of an era

never deleting.

this just made my day

lost count

this is what's been happening in my life at the moment




this is BlaBlaBlast! we sure know how to have so much fun.