Minggu, 31 Mei 2009

jakarta oh jakarta

i'm at the parking lot of my campus.. thank god for wifi! haha oh the radio is playing my song, dibalik hari esok.. haha nice nice..

so umm what's been happening? oh i did some photos for wrangler last thursday, and took some too for crooz, and hey is that chubby cheeks hanging on my face? did i really gain fat? haha i remember i was a skinny kid two or three years ago, i remember the line from a tv commercial "badan gw juga dulu segitu" haha..

see the chubby cheeks?

how bout now?

take a look at this picture above.. this boy is single haha

nah, i guess i'm just not in the mood for love at the moment, or maybe i'm still in love with the one who made me not in the mood? haha

i'm having a final exam shortly.. i'm well prepared haha

hey that's my friend over there waving over me, so i better get going now

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4 komentar:

nindya aydnina mengatakan...

naaah.. you ain't gain fat at all. you have no chubby cheeks. you just normal :D i thought you are still with zaffy :D good luck for your exam then!!

petrice mengatakan...

you're not fat at all..

sasri mengatakan...

nice pose doch :)

valesia ananta mengatakan...

yah , sayang bgt itu baju dirobek2 ! mendingan buat gue !