Senin, 24 Agustus 2009


Started in the end of 2005, peter with his friends make a band called petersaysorry, with a concept music, mixed with fashion. After that, he started his career with make some jeans that designed by himself and he use it for himself. There’s a lot of people who asking and interested to make a jeans from peter, include a local clothing company and from the other country and he started to subsisted on making the jeans for other people brand.

At one time, came out an idealist thought from peter, so he make his own brand called REVENGE DENIM KILLER, but it’s not appropriate with what he want it.
It’s been along time after petersaysorry vacuum, but they have 8 demo song, then came out an idea “again” from peter to make a brand with his band name, PETERSAYSORRY and became PETERSAYSDENIM. He named the code for his pants with his songs like, Just Friends, Hopeless, Best Ever Had, Never Give Up, and more.

With the V logo on the back of the sack, he started the new business by supporting local indie bands. Peter thinks that music never getting loose from fashion, either fashion…they’re connected.

i support the local denim movement, let's take over the world!

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