Rabu, 19 Mei 2010

pre-emptive strike against decrepitude

wow. what strong words to start an entry, i don't even know what decreptitude means.. just read it on the back of some dvd cover. and it sounds cool, so yeah.

oh well.


i think it's really funny how the saying "once you stop wanting something, you get it" always seems to ring true.

but then what happens when you start wanting it again?

uh welll right now i'm writing this as a journal.
i guess it depends on what i keep writing and then i'll decide

i really don't think you people read my blogs. but then again i wonder if some people do, and then you people get inside my head and it's kinda creepy but then again kindaaaa comforting.

ahaaaaaa so....

things are changing
really fast

i've been in a bloggy mood lately,
this morning before i went to bed, i've watched load of dvds, and made crappy rap music that i will probablyyyyyy put somewhere for people to hear. people like you. i suppose....

yeah, lately all of my dreams have been in Europe.
weird? slightly.

i don't think that anyone has been as ready for the weekend as myself.
so much to look forward to, so much to get away from

am i the only one that thinks our life exam schedule is screwed up? i mean seriously, why the hell would you schedule them with a weekend right in the middle?

i have so much exciting music on my ipod. but you know, it makes me kind of depressed because i can't listen to ALL of it.
today i had 7/11 chicken katsu for dinner
basically the overput cheese made me want to vomit.
however, it was delightful
very greasy

time to go do something constructive

see ya.

hey wait. you wanna see some oddity? my neighbor's dogs got stuck while doing wahoo.

scroll down.

scroll more.

a wee bit more.

3 komentar:

Monkeyboy mengatakan...

jiah,malah gambar anjing yg keluar

frailfinch mengatakan...

I just read your journal, it's kind of interesting.
am I creeping you out now? hahaa


404 Not Found mengatakan...

haha.. btw, frailfinch? u're so 2003 emo lol