Senin, 17 Mei 2010

today, you're gonna learn a new vocabulary

hi, my name is dochi and i don’t take showers
just kidding
but not really

i was going to say something
but i forgot what to say
i am giddy
quite giddy
yes, as giddy as a

...giddy thing.

i bet you dont even know what giddy means? ha! i like it when i'm smarter than someone. or at least that's what i feel.. in someway.. whatever.

the fact is, it's 4.01am
and i'm still awake.

guess how shitty i look right now?

scroll down.

scroll down.


2 komentar:

pemuja_hasrat mengatakan...

giddy ? is that even a word ?................just because i don't know, doesn't mean i don't understand

Monkeyboy mengatakan...