Some people forget to remember while others remember to forget.

Recently, I have been wanting to buy a new journal. i cant remember where i put my last Def (my journal). However, I don't really know what I should write about. So I guess I will just start talking and see where that gets me.

Do you ever have those times where you see something so beautiful or so bizarre you just wish you had a camera to capture that moment? I have started to see almost everything like that, like a potential photograph. It drives me insane because I can't capture things how I see them or how I want them to be or I just don't have a camera on me.

I wish I could see myself in certain situations, like a third invisible yet omniscient person in the room. Like I could go back and watch things like a movie. Yeah, like a movie.

I just sat on my butt all day, every day. I think that I am getting sick. With who knows what. There's all this junk in my lungs and I can't just cough it the hell out.

People are starting to bother me again.

I just had dinner.

I am still really hungry.

I want someone to make me laugh right now.

I am going to go now.


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