hey is there even anyone reading this blog? holler.
so, i've been busy lately, touring with pee wee gaskins. been to places i've never been before..
i've been to medan, where i found out that people there honks so much. the streets were always loud. and inlampung i found out that there's only one club (lounge) in the city called spacelounge. it's just as big as gazelle and windfall combined.
went there with my boys and batman, om leo, and bondi a.k.a the bandits from goodnite electric. was fun. and it was quite an experience when there was this chic came over and asked me if i wanna go home with her, and of course i replied, "no thanks. i got here with the boys, and coming home with the boys" she came over me like 3-4 times with the same question. do i look like a male whore?

pictures anyone?


welcome aboard mr.road manager, reegi regani. took this shot in medan

semarang was awesome. almost 3000 kids were there.

main attraction: bali! bust my ass there. almost 4000 kids were there and then i made headline news on bali news paper

well not really headline news but you know, haha.. see, im using the same tees. this was on the next day. i accidentally read it when i was ordering nasi pedes across joger.

anyway. i haven't paid 3 months of internet service so i'm using gazelle's computer to log in. good for me the place where i work gave me this sick ass smart phone by the name of blackberry javelin.. take a look at this sexy beast:

life's been ok i guess, it's treating me fair with bad days and good days.
i went through over bad times and i guess i'm enjoying my good times now.

always remember when the day goes dark just wait for another sunrise.

as for me now, i'm waiting for the boys to get ready, we're doing a photoshoot for wrangler. hmmm free stuff. get ready to get robbed, wrangler.

oh i heard my name called over in the distance, i guess it's my cue to get ready.

bye now,
holler me if you're really reading this,
so i'll post more in the future.

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