Kamis, 27 September 2007


so bored, there is nothing interesting going on.

someone needs to put some interest in there ;)

yeah now idk what to talk about.

just dropping in.

Rabu, 26 September 2007


i didnt know i can talk on my sleep

i didnt realize that before

anywho im watching "the universe" on the discovery channel.

becuase im a nerd...

but isnt it weird how there are so many planets...

and i really do wonder if there is other life out there.

and especially...

what makes our planet special...

oh well im thinking too hard.

i kind of want to go back to college tomorrow, but at the same time i dont.

i need to see people... i need to do something with my brain...


oh my.

my girlfriend lives far away from here

she just moved there this year

do come back in a heartbeat

dont be confuse of what a great thing we can be

we'll take a walk on the same street

can you tell me how sydney is like without me?


"Dates and times are getting complicated,
and a postponement may be necessary now.
preoccupied with internal dramas and are best left untouched.
Take the opportunity to do tasks you've been neglecting for ages"

so the horoscope brings me here

idk what to write about

"+62361..." a phone call from another island
"hello? who's this?"
that name rings a bell *BALI!
finally i got that call from atticus
they found us from myspace.


34414 total plays
410 plays today
since 5 months ago.

i finally got that phone call.


i want this




than ive wanted this


i dont know what to do

im so lost.

im so tired

and i dont know what im talking about anymore


i want this.

you just remember that.