i didnt know i can talk on my sleep

i didnt realize that before

anywho im watching "the universe" on the discovery channel.

becuase im a nerd...

but isnt it weird how there are so many planets...

and i really do wonder if there is other life out there.

and especially...

what makes our planet special...

oh well im thinking too hard.

i kind of want to go back to college tomorrow, but at the same time i dont.

i need to see people... i need to do something with my brain...


oh my.

my girlfriend lives far away from here

she just moved there this year

do come back in a heartbeat

dont be confuse of what a great thing we can be

we'll take a walk on the same street

can you tell me how sydney is like without me?

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Tri Handoyo mengatakan...

Hmm, gw baru sadar setelah sekian lama, ternyata 4 bait terakhir adalah lirik "The Boston Drama" - Typcest. :)

Nice one!