Rabu, 21 Maret 2012


it's been windy.. it's the kind of windy that kinda make you feel like a storm chaser when driving.. sometimes it rains.. but it's been hot this two passed days.

it should be spring already in Japan, but my friend said that it's still winter there and the temperature can be as low as 8 degrees.

i just can't wait for my holiday. should be around the block in 4 more days. been planning for this trip 2-3 months ago and it's already on the tip of this week.

it's hot outside.

i don't know what i'm thinking right now.

but then again, i know what i'm not thinking.

i love shrimps.

i love it when someone care enough to be my friend.
and i'm sorry, i'm not arrogant, i'm just timid. so excuse me if you remember talking to me and i didn't look you in the eye. i hate it when i see through you and notice the things that i don't really want to know. sometimes it is better to just hide the truth that i don't wanna hear or things that i don't really wanna know about.
i don't usually say "hi" when i meet people i dont know quite well, but i'd be cool enough to spare my time for those who intended to talk or just say a simple "hi". i don't really care who they really are, or how they judge me.. much i know i'd be glad to help when someone needed help. as i remember, i made friends with all kinds of people.
and i care about my friends, but i also care about myself. i don't smoke (i hate cigarettes and it's not cool when someone blow their smoke on my face, so if you wanna smoke, you better not smoke near me), i don't drink, i used to, but i stopped doing that since the start of this year. sex is always good. always. i hate hypocrits, i love cracking conspiracies, i love learning new things and keeping up with new potentials. i hate ungrateful people, i hate people who doesn't appreciate others, and i like people the way they are. if you are nice enough and you have problems and you feel like sharing, i'd be glad to help.

a state of mind. a good thought to carry.

everything has changed because we've changed them
and will always be different depending of how we are looking at them
we're all grown up now, we know how much we have changed our lives
there's nothing to be fix if we dont even know the problems
the problem is among ourselves

we were blinded on how people told us how to think,
how to act, and how to judge
like a microchip telling you what to do
you dont even notice it's underneath your very heart
they would buy you for friendship
they would come for company
and everything you own end up owning you

those who have stayed longer than u had notice
those who are still wise enough to apologize
are those who always put a faith in you

im ready to conquer the world
a world of my own, hidden below my deepest thought
a world of thought that always been haunting me
a world of ambition, not hatred
a world of changes and chances
a world of hopes, not dreams
not just joy, tears nor fear
beyond that, there's a ghost waiting to be rejuvinate
this soul will someday conquer all my fear
and balance my joy and tears to maintain a head-straight everytime i pass thru

everything has an end, and you could start over anytime

im telling you the truth, there is no lie
not just a copy-pasted words that has no meaning
this came from my very heart
it's time to prove a better qualities of ourselves
take a look around, other places
we are young, and someday we'll get old
someday you will have a family to feed
and kids that will look up to you
so grow up
forget envy
it has been corrupting you this many years.

the end of the world is coming.

and i'm going to have unfinished business.

if today be the day that i die,

then tomorrow is just another day i will never see.

should i give up?

Or should I just keep chasing pavements?

It's funny how it's the same song
but now it means something different when I hear it.

When I used to hear it, I felt really sad.
Now it makes me happy.

I'm happy
a lot
but I still don't know what I want

I know what I don't want, though.
As long as I know what I don't want, I will find out what I do want in the meantime.

I was going to wear my black jeans everyday this week, but I think I have my mind changed already. I already don't want to wear my black jeans tomorrow. Way to go.

I wanttttt fun stuff to hurry up and I want to meet fun people. I should meet new people. Yeah.

I want to meet you if I don't really know you.

I'm meeting her tomorrow though, and I have Yoga in the morning.

Those are some things to look forward to.

i was just thinking

If I did that one thing, that one tiny thing, I think my life would be completely different. I'm completely happy with my life as of now, but I still wonder how it would have been if I did do it........hhmmmmmmm.

good questions

Do you ever do something, and then wonder how many people are currently doing the same thing as you?
pretty much yeah

When's the last time the power went out in your house?
can't remember when

Is there a laundry basket in your room? If yes, what color is it?
not in my room, in front of the bathroom yes, black and white

Do you like those different flavored Tootsie Rolls?
i hate tootsie rolls

Do you keep your shoes on a shoe rack, or just throw them somewhere?
some on a shoe rack, most of them i just throw them elsewhere

Think of the last verbal argument you were in; what caused it?
probably me
don't want to remember

Does your refrigerator have one door or two?

Do you smoosh bugs, or just let 'em go?

Do you know anyone who collects stamps?
can't say i do

Do you have any friends that play instruments?

Do you have any old shoe boxes in your room?
not in my room, no

What was the last thing you deleted off of your computer?

Do you own any turtleneck sweaters/shirts?
don't think so

When putting up pictures/posters, do you prefer tacks or tape?
tape maybe

If you had to choose to live inside of one book/book series which would it be, and why?
atlantis, should you even ask?

What's the strangest band name you've ever heard?
pee wee gaskins

What's worse for you; getting yelled at, or getting grounded?
i always feel bad when i get yelled at

What would be the worst thing to get grounded from? (Phone, computer, ect.)

Are you a fan of Michael Jackson's music?

Do you like toilet paper to roll under or over?

Are there any songs you like that are in another language?

What's one song you can really relate to currently?
bedouin soundclash and mae

Do you own any band tees? If so, how many?
idk, lost count

What are your plans for the Fourth of July? (If you live in America.)
nah, i live elsewhere.

Are there any old dishes in your room?
thank you for reminding me, an empty plate of grapes

Have you ever used a fire extenguisher?

What was the last thing you said out loud?
lyrics of songs

Is there something else that you're supposed to be doing currently?
sleep, i guess

Do you ever make your own sound effects for things?
yes :D

Do you like Ramen Noodles? If so, what's your favorite flavor?
not really a fan, but so so.. chicken i guess

Have you ever read a book all the way through in one day?
all the time

If chairs could talk, what do you think they would say?
move over, skinny butt

Are there any flat screen televisions in your house?

Do birds chirps outside your windows in the morning?
i like them yes

Do you use a lot of salt?

Have you ever broken something at someone else's house?

Have you ever done a Chinese fire drill?
dafuq is that?

If you had to write a book about your life up until now would it be an interesting read, or would it be boring?
i could make it interesting

When was the last time you ate a cupcake?
last two weeks
i wish i had one now

What's the best song to sing when you're about to let out a fart?
ahhahaha i don't knw!?

Have you ever written anything on a bathroom wall or door?

Ever open a bag of chips in the grocery store and eat them before paying?

Would you want your future children to date someone like you as a teenager?
hah i have nooooooo idea

Kamis, 15 Maret 2012

temukan "i"

-9. -9
-7i> -21u
-7. -7

happiness is a state of mind

gw mau nulis sesuatu karena tadi seorang sahabat cerita tentang hubungannya sama pacarnya, yang akhirnya putus dan cewenya jadi dendam banget sama dia..

belakangan ini lagi sering bahas tentang bahagia.
sesuatu yang simple tapi kadang dibuat rumit.
karena bahagia itu bukan tujuan.. kalo di jadiin tujuan, perjalanannya gak bisa dinikmati dan agaknya jadi terlalu berharap.. berjalanlah dengan bahagia, sampai tujuannya tercapai.. kalo lo gagal, lo tau lo udah berusaha sebisa lo, lo akan tetap menghargai diri lo sendiri, dan lo punya cadangan tenaga yang cukup untuk menyelesaikan perjalanan lo karena kebahagiaan itu energi yang gak bisa abis.. kalo berhasil? bayangkan gimana senengnya lo nanti...

"gw gak bisa bahagia kalo gak sama dia"
itu pilihan, lo bisa bahagia sendiri, tp lo yang gak memilih itu kan?

kebahagiaan bukan untuk dicari, dalam kekecewaanpun lo bisa bahagia.. dalam kekurangan.. ketika lo baru aja kehilangan sesuatu yang lo anggap segalanya lo akan merasa lo gak punya apa-apa lagi.. yasudah, kehilangan selalu punya dua sisi, yang kehilangan, dan yang menghilang.. kalo lo ada di sisi yang menghilang, berbahagialah.. mungkin hidup lo akan lebih menarik di depan... kalo lo ada di sisi yang kehilangan, berbahagialah untuk mereka.. tapi selalu ingat untuk menjadi orang yang pandai berterimakasih.. bahwa yang lo lewatin dengan orang itu tidak hanya yang tidak menyenangkan saja, tapi banyak juga yang menyenangkan.. berbahagialah untuk itu. seburuk apapun orang itu menyakiti hati lo, ada kebaikan mereka dalam hidup lo.. sedih? iya.. pasti sedih, tp lo merasakan sedih karena lo ngebayangin hal yang seharusnya bisa membuat lo bahagia.. lo mulai mikirin setiap hal menyenangkan yang lo jalanin akan lebih menyenangkan bila masih ada orang itu untuk berbagi.. berbahagialah karena lo masih bisa mengingat hal yang menyenangkan saat lo berada di posisi yang tidak menyenangkan! jangan terus-terusan menghukum diri lo karena udah melakukan kesalahan yang membuat keadaan jadi kacau, karena mungkin emang ini saatnya untuk berbenah. yang terpenting, lakuin ini buat diri lo.

gak ada kok yang gak bisa disembuhin sama yang namanya waktu..

emang keadaan selalu lebih mudah disisi mereka yang bisa bergerak

maka itu, bergeraklah!

sahabat, apapun akhirnya nanti, ingatlah selalu untuk berbahagia.

cerita hidup lo gak akan berakhir sampe lo mati.. yang kuat ya...