should i give up?

Or should I just keep chasing pavements?

It's funny how it's the same song
but now it means something different when I hear it.

When I used to hear it, I felt really sad.
Now it makes me happy.

I'm happy
a lot
but I still don't know what I want

I know what I don't want, though.
As long as I know what I don't want, I will find out what I do want in the meantime.

I was going to wear my black jeans everyday this week, but I think I have my mind changed already. I already don't want to wear my black jeans tomorrow. Way to go.

I wanttttt fun stuff to hurry up and I want to meet fun people. I should meet new people. Yeah.

I want to meet you if I don't really know you.

I'm meeting her tomorrow though, and I have Yoga in the morning.

Those are some things to look forward to.

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