a state of mind. a good thought to carry.

everything has changed because we've changed them
and will always be different depending of how we are looking at them
we're all grown up now, we know how much we have changed our lives
there's nothing to be fix if we dont even know the problems
the problem is among ourselves

we were blinded on how people told us how to think,
how to act, and how to judge
like a microchip telling you what to do
you dont even notice it's underneath your very heart
they would buy you for friendship
they would come for company
and everything you own end up owning you

those who have stayed longer than u had notice
those who are still wise enough to apologize
are those who always put a faith in you

im ready to conquer the world
a world of my own, hidden below my deepest thought
a world of thought that always been haunting me
a world of ambition, not hatred
a world of changes and chances
a world of hopes, not dreams
not just joy, tears nor fear
beyond that, there's a ghost waiting to be rejuvinate
this soul will someday conquer all my fear
and balance my joy and tears to maintain a head-straight everytime i pass thru

everything has an end, and you could start over anytime

im telling you the truth, there is no lie
not just a copy-pasted words that has no meaning
this came from my very heart
it's time to prove a better qualities of ourselves
take a look around, other places
we are young, and someday we'll get old
someday you will have a family to feed
and kids that will look up to you
so grow up
forget envy
it has been corrupting you this many years.

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a-Dopehead mengatakan...

hey doch, i'd ask you a question. Isn't it ironic how day by days nothing changes but when you look back everything's different?
Do the changes itselves never really exist?