On A Monday

hey bloggy, another entry..
ok it's been the second time i cried singing tatiana and i dont know whatsupwiththat but it felt really really really good.. it has become an addiction! yeah it feels really good letting out everyword like you really mean it.. i really mean it
anyway, it's 9.16am, i had my good sleep.. i set my alarm to ring on 2.58am to woke bella because she wanted to do some praying stuff, and back to sleep afterwards until 10 minutes ago, when i walked to the tv room my mom was watching recorded stuff from tv, and she said "tuh, bella" lol.. i gagged and choked while sipping my morning orange juice.. HEY! de javu.. ah i've been here before! i dont remember when.. shit i've been in this situation, i know i've been in this situation before! ah well forget it.. anyway, yeah, bella's sinetron.. lol.. well she's ok.. but the sinetron is mediocre crap xp
she's like the sweetest girl i know.. wait, i dont want to write that here.
since bella, i'm not in the mood of being in a relationship yet, i thought i am, but turns out im not.. i've been goin out (in a friendly basis) with a really nice girl with the initial E.C and she's ok. everybody knows her, she's the daughter of a very famous actress, i liked her. but it just doesnt feels right. the chemistry was just aint.. right.. i like her, i really like her, i care for you and i loved her. just so you know.
and i know this other girl, her intial is A, she's a model, gadsam '04, a collegian majoring psychology, super cute, physically attractive, a 9,5, there's nothing wrong when you see her with your bare eyes, one of those girl that when you meet somewhere on the street you'd tell your friends "oh, i want that! i want her!" we spent the few days back together day and night but then i sensed something terribly aint right, she has a problem with honesty and that's a fatal flaw.. hey if you're reading this, i just want you to know that i know every lie you've said, e v e r y s i n g l e o n e o f ' e m. she makes up stories, dude. i always seem to catch you when you're lying about the stupidest of things. it's like a disease man, she just cant stop. we had talks on the parking lot and i told her this had to stop, i dont want to be in too deep..
ah well, that's enough about me and my boring relationship.. i didnt mean to hurt anybody.. aint that normal to want the best for ourselves and others?
i'm gonna stick with 'no commitment' yet until i've found the right one.

ah, the privelegde of being single.

anyway, what's bella doin right now?

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Anizabelle mengatakan...

yo!im doing o-k-a-y ;p

frvr th sckst kd mengatakan...


cassey bunny :p mengatakan...

waha you and your life of so much fun! i'm just thinking, how are you ever gonna find, errr, you know, err, "the right one"?? after having so much to have, you and your past lovers, you with your current life of dating, and you with.... errr, you yourself. ah i dont know what i'm saying. scratch that -___-

frvr th sckst kd mengatakan...

cas, im still looking for the right one