bloggy, sorry to left you cold

yeah, i've brought a new def, thats why i never made a single post in a long time here..
you want updates? i'm as happy and thrilled to tell you news about my so called career, so i got signed with this production company to do a movie soundtrack, my 2 songs went through and you will hear it in the movies! and this song, 'dibalik hari esok' is the promotional song for the movie, they'll make the music video with footages from the movie.. how cool is that? if you wanna hear the accoustic version (the one that will be in the movie) check out i'll be at the studio soon recording the full band version of that song with my band pee wee gaskins.
so, i just got back from Bali with rufio, right.. i had tons of funs there hanging out with Rufio.. i mean, GOD! it's rufio! i've listened to their songs since junior highs! they're legendary in the punk scene here.. its like, all the succesful melodic punk band started their gig playing Rufio.. and im such a lucky bastard hanging out with them so close like theyre my homies, i bet no one never had the chance like i had :) yeah it was fun
love life, i dont think too much of it now, just going with the flow.. make new friends for sure.. whatsup with people talking trash behind my back.. well its up to them anyway, i try to care less, i just keep on going keep on going keep on going and here i am.. what doesnt kill you only makes you stronger, thats for sure

hows everybody doin?

i wanna go watch a movie today.. maybe x-files.. since im a huge fan of the tv series.. whats mulder and scully up to now? i wonder.. and i cant wait for hellboy! i bet its gonna be awesome.. im an all time movie worm.. you ask me about movies, any movie, debate on it, or just talk about it, im happy to respond.. eva and i can talk about movies all nite until dawn.. i used to talk about movies with my brother, but since he's having his own family i never talk about movies with him.. well he's too busy with my naphew, so he cant spend his time watching movies like the old days.. our favorite all time movies was Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and LOTR.. even when im 40 years old i'd still talk about it! well my dad is 52 and he just cant stop talking about it.. thats my family's all time favorite.. right after Goonies.. my mom, in the other hand, she's not a big movie fan.. i mean, she even slept during the fight scenes of batman and robin for like.. 15 minutes.. but she cried watching artificial intelligent, my favorite too..

well i have to hit the shower, a friend of mine ask me to watch this movie with her so i better get ready

see you anytime soon blog

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