monday mayhem #32

tsup holmes?
it's been awhile, eh?

how are things going on your end? mine's pretty well i guess.. well i cant say jolly good, just average "well" is kinda well put. fasting month is over but i'm still adjusting my feeding time.

i miss hitting the stage, this new album is taking so long to be released.. still waiting for the legal contracts with folks who put their good hands on some of our songs. Heru from Shaggydog/Dubyouth sung one song and wrote it too, Ucay from Rocket Rockers contributed and wrote one song also, and at the moment we're waiting the contracts to be done, that's what taking it so long, but i guess it will be done early this month. hopefully. about the new release, it's gonna be a whole new experience, some say it's more mature, hell catchy, bloody sing-a-long-able, and easier to digest. it's gonna get full range. but hey, i dont want you to expect too much because i hate to dissapoint y'all, all i'm saying is.. fuck yeah the new album will be solid awesome. :)

same story someone new--new girlfriend same ol' problems.. people talk shit about me to her and troubled her with thoughts.. pfft yeah right as if they know me so well, first thing to be confirmed is, i MAY be a bad boy, but i'm no jerk. you gotta trust me on that one.

don't get me wrong.

i'm no snob, i just hate to be underestimated.
i'm dead timid, short tempered, highly uncomfort to be in crowds, i'm like a frickin time bomb. a bipolar disorder lil prick.
i love to make a point, you know.. like saying things and proving it, it's like having something to stood up to.

i'm insecure.

ah this is boring, let's just drop the subject, it's like i'm advertising myself hahaha..

so, how are things with you?
hopefully sometime starting next week i'll pay a visit to your hometowns, i'd love to have a good talk over drinks with y'all.


4 komentar:

PETER_PARKER_626 mengatakan...

hai mz dochi, kpan lagi manggung di inbox?

paperclip mengatakan...

hi ka' dochi!

actually i don't want to comment on your post
i just wanna ask you something
how can you be so good in english, i mean at least better than me
i have so much words i don't understand in your posts
*thank God i got my digital dictionary

so .. how??
i guess your parents can speak english, so do your friends
or... maybe you took some course?

i love to learn english, i wish i could be fluent in it
i watched movies, listened to music (you have many in english. i'm a fan of your band ^^)

so tell me about you

and there's one more..
i know people talk about bad things bout your band, really bad
but i just ignore it
so.. please don't get me n other party dorks disappointed, okey??!
do your best and show it to those people

404 Not Found mengatakan...

hello.. mmm idk maybe i got used to using english as my secondary language since.. i cant remember how long, cus we do speak english at home and my 13 years old brother speaks english pretty good also, maybe the trick is to really use english on a daily basis

ciptanirmala mengatakan...

bener tuh kak dochin pinter banget loh bahasa inggris! saluuuut!!!