good things fall apart so better things can take place? yeah right.

maybe you've heard this one before because i believe i've said this too many times before

somedays are good days, somedays are bad days.
today is not a good day.

yesh. started with an ugly arguments with my girlfriend and then everything else started to fall apart. you know, like the small things.. like how today was so darn hot, being uberly hungry with no food, and then now my air conditioner is (again) broken.

about my air conditioner.. i find it a bit weird.. so i just checked out the outdoor unit, it ought to be blowing warm air right? well.. it's in fact cold and at the other hand the ac in my room is blowing warm air. i dont know whatsup with that. so i thought, if i set the temperature to warm, let's say.. 23 degrees, will it be cool instead? let's just wait and see.

NOPE. nothing happened. gotta wait for the repair guy tomorrow.

gonna try sleeping this off, bye.

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