from my last semester, the wonder years

I'm not sad anymore, I'm just tired of this place.
The weight of the world would be okay if it would pick a shoulder to lean on
So I could stand up straight.

I'm not sad anymore, I'm just tired of this place.
The homophobic bullshit that's somehow okay
Just because you didn't mean it that way.

I can't take anymore of all the scum in this place.
I don't fit in.

So they're calling it blasphemy,
A fucking catastrophe
For saying it's a stupid choice to make.
But this place just brings misery.
I hate what it does to me.
I fight, but I can't escape the way that I don't fit in with any of this.
And I don't think we're the same.

I'm fucking losing my head trying to understand this.
Kids outside with guitars hoping for someone to notice.
No one wants to hear your sappy bullshit.

You're too caught in semantics to see it,
But you're no fucking different.


I'm not sad anymore, I'm just waiting.
It's two more months 'til I'm done with this.
And I don't make sense to anyone but my best friends.
And I don't fit in anywhere but the back of the van.

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